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Hurt me Lyrics – Ruth Richards


Hurt me song Details:

Written by: Ruth Richards

Hurt me song Lyrics

Wow you hurt me, I gave you chances, 3 to be exact
We lost contact
You keep hurting me
Now get away from me
You are not who you say you are

Better if you leave
or something could and will happen
When we met, I just wasn’t me
I thought you changed that
but you hurt me
Why…why you hurt me

My heart burned down hard
Didn’t know I could love anyone after you
but in fact, I love everyone

I cried in my bed in my room
Who are you really?
You liar, pain in my neck
YOu say you won’t lie any more,
but you did

I push and pull and mess with my head
when there is nothing wrong with me, just you
Life feels like a day dream
Charles why you hurt me
I don’t wanna be sad forever
I don’t wanna be sad at all
No more want someone, something in my arms

I don’t wanna go through this war
I’ll make it through tomorrow
What the hell is this pain
you hurt me
Everything is gonna be ok, that your gone

Your 17, already talking about marriage
that made me uncomfitable
you talked about having a ton of kids (ALREADY)
I also want to adopt and have 4 kids of my own
you don’t wanna adopt me

You don’t support me
you don’t say “I love you”
you expect me to buy you a phone because I have money
not gonna happen

I love and I hate
I like both genders like it or not
But I like guys more
I changed myself
what you think

You hurt me
oooo you hurt me badly
read and re-read
you hurt me


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