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SYRENA Lyrics – Markul


SYRENA song Details:

Song Name: SYRENA
Singer: Markul
Composer: BADAPE
Lyrics by: Markul

SYRENA song Lyrics

I need to catch everything
I touch again go down into the abyss
Probably only there find answers
Before I disappear

So everything must be in time
And everything will be, but nothing will be the same
I’ll just wink
You will understand everything before I disappear

Terribly warm
Cover me with a shadow
I’m getting used to
With a dangerous speed

Become one whole with me
Above us the bottom
At the bottom the

So brightly to the ground
Don’t let go
When the wave hits us

I was even before love was invented
I was enjoyed and will be enjoyed
As long as there are at least the last two people on earth

All the snakes hiss, trying to twine around
I take a step, stumbling over them
Because I … Snake tamer (all)
Enslave them all (aha)

I couldn’t adjust the settings
To love people, f
I .. Snake tamer
My resident evil, ha

I love the wild, moans and screams
I will set fire to the diesel, aphids
All the snakes hiss, trying to twine
I take a step, stumbling over them, because I


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