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Rynnerist – Flex Shit song Details:

Written by: Rynnerist

Rynnerist song Lyrics

(Oh my god, this flow is killing me, bro)
(I just can’t get it right man, sheesh)
(This beat is gonna be hard though)

They will always sit there and tell you that life is great
While deep inside they know that there is no escape
I gave you my love you took that shit and threw it in my face
Telling all your friends about how I’m a disgrace
14 years of life, some shit never changes

Hopefully, the 15 starts some new stages
Maybe I can tell my friends I’ve been fine for ages
I could wave goodbye and write some new pages
Maybe one day I’ll stand on-stage looking at all those faces

I got people telling me “work hard you’ll go places”
Sister telling people she so proud tell the crowd
Because I really wanna go places, to be honest

I really wanna see some new faces
Maybe one day one of my songs will make me famous
Maybe one day one I’ll be rapping in vegas
Same voice same phrases gotta learn the basics oh
They always ask me how I rap so clean

I don’t rap that flex shit
(Hahaha, imagine rapping flex shit, ahhh)

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