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Yira Sheep song Details:

Written By : Brendan DiStefano
Mastered by: Dan Weston
Mixed By : Jack Emblem
Release Date : April 16, 2021

Yira Sheep song Lyrics

Yira sheep

With love, look at the ranch
Because there is not, a mine wide
The day painted, with heat
Haya was waiting for him, the sheep, his love

Stinking to, cow dung
And to shell, of pig.
There is no mine, which is fucked
For being dirty, in abundance

Sheep yira, Sheep yira
Sheep yira, Sheep yira

The dirty dick , the sheep
I put it with desire in the ear
Because the shell, it had discarded
For so many, orgies made.

He sucks on a pissed diaper, to
Smell of fish
Spend whole nights , in bed
Groping, turnip standing

His wife has wanted to bring
Between his sheep and the
He put a machete in his ass
Minced meat made her asshole
Some died of hunger
They entered to steal cattle
And with his divine little sheep
They became a roast flower

Sheep yira, Sheep yira
Sheep yira, Sheep yira

Now left no fun,
Said this, mister pawn
I will visit in the town, to the area
I hope I don’t have diarrhea.

Word & Music. Bond Excremen Man -One finger


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