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Vision Lyrics – Earl Sweatshirt ft. ZelooperZ ft. ZelooperZ


Vision Details:

Song Name: Vision
Singer: Earl Sweatshirt, ZelooperZ
Composer: Black Noi$e
Lyrics by: Black Noi$e, ZelooperZ, Earl Sweatshirt

Vision Lyrics -Earl Sweatshirt ft. ZelooperZ ft. ZelooperZ

It would be simple, wouldn’t it
My father was away trapping
Watch lives
What happened to you?
Whats magic?

Out with the vision myself, I had to fend for myself
I get the green like it’s kelp, I put that s**t in the pal
Make sure my mama do well, all of my bi**hes do well
All of my bi**hes do well, my bi**hes shine like jewels
I get that cash through the wire
I make them plays on the cell
I free my sister out cell
I got that check through the mail
Jupiter jumbo or giant
Whippin’ that paint, jumbalaya
I held jehovah, the spеll
I put that bi**h on the trail
Poor bobby smoking the finest
Running thе game like a tyrant
Winter when nothing else fails
Winter still bringing you hell

Simply symphony
Bi**h sing a symphony
Bi**h just defending me
She thought that it was skin deep
Been took a bag
Been told you that you been weak
Been had the mag
Been on the line a*sembly

Tragedy in the street
Lookin for someone to laugh with me
Lookin for someone to match with me
Desert eagle
Lookin for someone that blast for me
Desert eagle
Lookin for someone to fly with me
Get high with me, no visine
Just see what my eyes see
Open my eyes, free me
Just remind me where I’m from and whats going on
Whats happening?
The gas going the motor flowing
Bi**h whats happening
Remind me where I’m from
And whats happening
The motor going, the gas flowing
Bi**h whats happneing

I did some dirt with the clique
Went and got cliqued by myself
Couldn’t belittle myself, couldn’t be all weak as hell
I just be weary of self, I had to fend for myself
Had to get low like the jail pose
Check review then lose the tail, bro
I would skip over the hell hole
I had the vision myself
They clouded me at a standstill
I picked up a penny and left
I picked up the clip with a step
Send you a current event
Everything we in the midst of
How long you waiving the rent?
Moratorium extendo
I’m just evading the pit
Ain’t no parading the tent
F**k out my face with syringe
Fixing my face, feigning interest
Lone all my patience get thin
Everything he say, I missed it
Can’t believe you get paid for this s**t
Whatever, stock up the shells
Ni**as thinking that they figured it out
Hit the lab, whip up a cell
They itching for it, I seen it’s been a drought
I hear the tone of the bell
Tried to atone with a prayer
Know the tone never tell
You gon’ see when you get there, uh

I would do anything to make my children happy
Please black girl is there anything you can do to help me?
Maybe there is.. (magic)
How can I make our black children happy without any magic?
It depends upon what you tell them
Magic is only make-believe and our children do not need to grow up in a make-believe world
You need to tell them the truth and help make them feel proud of who they are
The magic of truth is much more powerful than magic of make-believe
But what can I tell them?
Tell them that they’re beautiful. Tell them that they’re black
Here, take hold of my wing
And I will take you to someone who can give you something even better than magic


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