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Start The Party Lyrics – MC Tempo


Start The Party song Details:

Start The Party song Lyrics

Verse 1

It’s Mr Tempo aka Teper,
I make the club blow up and get banned forever,
like the fella who had to much Stella,
or banned for rapping about Jesus… Yeah whatever!

I step on the stage to spit, embrace the mix,
with breaks that turn the place in to a rave as quick,
reflect His grace in the place where danger is,
Hot as the flames that wait at the fait of the atheist,

Tempo heavy like a crate of bricks,
deny the saviour ya heading for a major mis,
cos when ya saved it’s hard to be containing it,
Show you who the maker of the laws, of nature is

I tell you about Jesus who loves you death,
helps you through your struggle and stress,
so put your trust in Him, that’s what I suggest.
Yo tempo come to get the party blessed… ahhh yeeeeees

Verse 2

I’m a Christian so it’s about where the hearts at,
it’s the guy that the player girls just can’t have,
momentary flattery I’m passed that, hard fact,
and I don’t listen to all that chart crap,

that’s rap with a capital C they can’t chat,
their hearts flat, lining stamped on like a dance mat
I bring bars that resurrect them like a car jack.
Raise them up from the Tarmac after the car crash,

For the insecure crew bigging up their chest like a corset
I rock crowds up and down like a drawbridge,
and in to the Lord’s courts quick, i’ll tell them all to the Lord is,
and I don’t really care if it’s awkward,

It’s the MC the haters love to speak about,
yeah ‘I love Jesus’ …I guess the secrets out,
I start the party at the speed of sound with the speakers loud
and swing crowds like a trapeze and bounce.

Verse 3

Its the robust, tone tough, praying for the soul crushed
to see all their sin washed away like soap suds.
Make crowds go nuts, when I show up.
Make the party erupt like a volcano does.

The insecure get active, swallowing magnets,
eating cabbage, to be attractive,
Freestyle sporadic I rap with spiritual schematics
for the God who designed the atlas.

Start the show with a huge bang, as the tune slams,
Tempo bring truth like a NEW brand for the news stand.
Throw a hook at the doctor, because he gave me a few jabs.
Sharp as a knife, when i’m cutting thru jams.

Repping He who gives me air, for my chest to breathe.
Hanging out in the Middle East… on a cross in mega heat.
I just put my trust in His son, who He sent for me,
He select all my sin… and pressed delete – JEEEEEES

Yeah we gotta start up the party now
Yeah we gotta start up the party now
Yeah we gotta start up the party now
So if ya sitting up, its time to get down

Yeah we gotta start up the party now
Yeah we gotta start up the party now
Start it now start it now start it now
So if ya sitting up, its time to get down


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