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Lost in Eternity song Lyrics – Toly Sawenko


Lost in Eternity song Details:

Lost in Eternity song

Verse 1:
A rose, is a rose, x2
Where the sun and moon go down
It comes and it goes, to and fro, High and low
This endless merry go round

Finding you have no identity
Lost in eternity

Verse 2:
And eye, for an eye x2
And so the story goes
I cry and I cry oh why is it
The only truth we know

Stealing away from reality
Lost in eternit- (eternity)
Love is just a delusion
Death is lighter than air
Grace is found in confusion
And hope is found in despair

Verse 3:
I am, that I am x2
Forever till I die
I’m dammed, and i dammed and I’m dammed
To ask this endless question why?

Finding there is no certainty
Lost in eternity x3


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