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iQualify [You Cannot Lie] Lyrics – PAV & Altarsound


iQualify [You Cannot Lie] song Details:

Written by: PAV & Altarsound

iQualify [You Cannot Lie] song Lyrics

iQualify [You Cannot Lie] – PAV & Altarsound

Lord You bled and died that I might live
By Your sacrifice I’ve been reborn
I am forgiven, saved and redeemed
So I will worship You forever

The Father has no record of my sins
Jesus You took them all away
And I believe You when You say
I am His righteousness in You right now

Oh oh oh oh
By Your blood iQualify
Oh oh oh
As You see me so I am

You are not a man you cannot lie
Jesus the Son Of God

For You are risen as You said
I am forgiven as You said
IQualify just as you said
Lord I believe
You cannot lie.


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