Go Go Yuureisen Lyrics – Kenshi YONEZU


Go Go Yuureisen song Details:

Written by: Leia Larsson

Kenshi YONEZU song Lyrics

A little sick Seventeen
Draw a picture with withered ink and pen
Take over and join again Mother Goose
I cried many times at night and tomorrow
Rotating android

Don’t worry about my voice and my head
I always feel terrible
I want to be loved by you
Seventeen who has been sick for a long time
Make today an empty can without clouding
Empty detonator and paper bag

I packed my breath like an idiot
Android as usual
I’ll deceive you with a real lie
I’m a ghost

You won’t see it
Singing like that
It ’s a marching ghost ship.
There is no good or bad

Go through a quiet city
Become the word of the lightning board
Search for mysterious words
Break the door along the line
Believe me invisible

Boy soldiers spin their voices
Hide the exit of the particles there
The magic of a long time ago
Because I laugh so suddenly (because I laugh so suddenly)

A little sick Seventeen
Dreaming like a movie today
Love is also a constant landscape
I can’t help dreaming there

Rotating android
Dirty Yankee Pollution Melancholia
I want you to know everything
Yeah, take your hand back
Singing like that

It ’s a ghost ship that takes your eyes off.
There is no front or back
Then forget everything
Wow Wow Wow Wow

Go deeper into the solar system
Dive in and straddle
Break the door along the line
Believe in the words
Use the back of the amygdala
Look at it

The magic of a long time ago
Immediately in a moment (instantly in a moment)
Let go of the grudge of 3,000 years
Fly, fly, everyone has a loudspeaker
Break the door along the line
Believe me the truth

The ghost ship is angry
Look, this time it fell into Shura
The magic of a long time ago
Know that it’s a lot of lies (know that it’s a lot of lies)

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